Ranking The Cleveland Browns Position Groups: Special Teams

August 25, 2022

In this multi-part series, we will look deeper at each position group on the Cleveland Browns roster. Today we will be covering the special teams.

I have so far looked at two of Cleveland Browns’ position groups and ranked the wide receivers and defensive tackles as the worst two position groups on the roster. Today I will go away from the offense and defense side of the ball and look at the entire special team unit.

The Brown’s special teams have not been great over the last few years, and they addressed almost everything that could be done on special teams. They brought in a new kicker, punter, and kick and punt returner but sadly, Jakeem Grant, who was going to be the new kick and punt returner, tore his Achilles in training camp and will miss the entire 2022 season.

Mike Priefer is the special team’s coach, and this could be his last season on the Cleveland Browns if this unit does not turn around. Priefer came over from the Minnesota Vikings in the 2019 season, and many people know him from taking over as the head coach in the 2020 wild card win over the Pittsburgh Steelers when head coach Kevin Stefanski had to miss the game due to Covid.  

Demetric Felton

The Brown’s kick and punt return room was supposed to be locked down by Jakeem Grant, but now somebody else needs to step up. Demetric Felton is the name to circle as the new punt returner and kick returner. Felton handled the duties in his rookie season in 2021 and will be looking to do the same in 2022.

The Cleveland Browns were not too happy with Felton’s return game skills last year because they made it a point to go out and sign a returner. Felton needs to prove the Cleveland Browns wrong and show them that he can still impact the return game and give the Browns some excellent field position.

Corey Bojorquez

Corey Bojorquez is supposed to be Brown’s punter this season. The Cleveland Browns ended up cutting Joseph Charlton on Monday, and he was the only other punter in camp. The job looks to have been given to Bojorquez if nothing changes. Bojorquez has signed this offseason after spending last year with the Green Bay Packers.

Bojorquez is going to be an essential weapon for this team. The Cleveland Browns are going to need him to pin the opposing offense inside their ten-yard line and just let the Cleveland Browns’ defense go to work. If Bojorquez can help the defense by giving the opposing team a horrible field position, then the Browns will be in games and even pull out some wins they aren’t expected to.

Cade York

Cade York will be Cleveland Browns’ kicker this year and hopefully for the next two decades. York was drafted in the fourth round in the 2022 draft and was the highest kicker taken since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took Roberto Aguayo in the second round of the 2016 draft. If York’s career turns out to be like Aguayo’s, then the Cleveland Browns will be in a boatload of trouble. Aguayo’s career was concise, only lasting one season.

The excellent news is York has been very impressive this preseason, and he looks like he can be one of the best kickers in the NFL. York won the Maurice Bassett Award, which is given to the best rookie in Brown’s training camp each year.

Outlook For The Season

The Browns will need the special teams to step up in a big way this year. The Browns will be operating with backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett for at least 11 games, and the Browns will need a bunch of positive yards in the return game to set up Brissett and the rest of the offense with short fields to score. York will be so important to ensure the Browns get three points on the board in areas where they can’t go for it. Bojorquez will need to give the Browns defense some excellent field position so the defense can get some quick three-and-outs and give the ball back right to the offense with a good field position.

I think the Brown’s special teams will take a massive leap in 2022, which will have to do with Cade York and finally having a kicker who can be trusted.  

The special team unit is more of a big unknown than a flaw, but I still have it ranked as the third worst position group on the Browns.    

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